Saturday, February 25, 2017

Can Tom Brady’s Success be Linked to Genetics?

Just a few short weeks ago, Tom Brady led his team to another super bowl championship. His incredible performance is amplified by the fact that he is about 40 years old. While most players his age are long retired, Brady’s performance has some people thinking that he really is a superhuman! Scientists, however, are more convinced by research that shows rigorous training can awaken dormant genes and kick them into high gear. These genes are related to muscle and blood vessel structure. Although Brady is not actually a superhuman, his DNA is what enables him to be superior to other players his age.
            People like Tom Brady are incredibly interesting because they are hard to come by. To a common person, he seems like an “ageless wonder”. To scientists, on the other hand, he seems like good research subject. Genetic research that can shed light on maintaining a healthy and impressive “fitness age” could benefit many people that struggle to stay in shape. Even if you’re not a Patriots fan, it is hard to deny that Tom Brady is one of the greats!

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