Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Genetic Fix to Put the Taste Back in Tomatoes

A Genetic Fix to Put the Taste Back in Tomatoes

Everyone knows that Jersey grows the best tomatoes, and because a lot of us grow and buy our tomatoes locally, you may not be aware of the steady decline in taste of supermarket tomatoes. Dr. Klee, a researcher of the genetics and biochemistry of flavor, has locates the genes that produce the flavor chemicals that are lacking in most supermarket tomatoes. In addition to this, he has found “wild varieties of tomatoes that possess better versions of these genes”.  A team of his colleagues is now working to breed a hybrid that will put most of the taste back into supermarket tomatoes. During the research process, Klee and his team have sequenced the full genome of over 400 different varieties of tomatoes. Even so, some people think that it’s too late, and we will never be able to restore the flavor to supermarket tomatoes! Although un-flavorful tomatoes might not change the world, it is important to realize how genetics affects every aspect of our world. It is interesting to learn how we can intervene and manipulate the genetics of a given organism to give us the product that we really want!  

Find out why Jersey tomatoes are so awesome:

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  1. Kalette, this article is really neat! I live in south jersey right on the Delaware bay and right up the street is Cedarville, NJ. I knew they grew really good tomatoes but I was not aware of how good until I left the state! I traveled to Georgia for vacation and went to a grocery store there and there was a HUGE display of Cedarville tomatoes! There were signs and all stating that they came from Cedarville NJ and I thought that was so cool that the little town right up the street could have such a large impact on people miles and miles away! I find this fascinating that they are working to breed a hybrid to put taste back into tomatoes. All people need to do is come to Cedarville!