Thursday, February 9, 2017

Malaria parasite may trigger human odor to lure mosquitoes

Scientists have figured out why mosquitoes attack the body after a person is infected with Malaria. It's resulted from the odor that the Malaria parasite releases, which triggers a scent, only noticeable to mosquitoes. Once a mosquito bites an infected human, it passes parasite onto its next victim. Researchers at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine , believe they can produce a synthetic version of the odor to attract the mosquitoes. If this synthetic odor can be produced, the mosquito carriers could be wiped out.
3.2 billion people live in areas at risk of malaria transmission . The possibility of creating a synthetic odor to attract mosquito carriers, of this parasite, is a huge deal for epidemiology. Malaria causes such an abundance of deaths throughout the world, and this can be a solution towards this epidemic. I just wonder how the researchers plan on capturing the mosquitoes. 

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