Monday, February 6, 2017

Bacteria Develops Evolutionary Tolerance to Antibiotics

I found this article interesting because it has a lot to do with evolution which refers to Charles Darwin's theories which was covered in chapter 1. I learned that Antibiotics kill bacteria not viruses and bacteria develops a tolerance to antibiotics. Therefore, when mistreated for a flu and not an actual infection which is misconcieved sometimes in the medical practice. An individuals body supply of bacteria can grow a tolerance and become resistant to antibiotic drugs. In addition, the bacteria can produce excess antibiotic pumps to push the antibiotics out of the cell--not letting the drug do its job. It is very important to understand that bacteria can evolve and become immune to such drugs like antibiotics. Therefore, it is important to your body as an "antibiotic virgin" as much as possible to avoid these bacteria adaptations and maintain the ability to use antibiotics for an absolute dire emergency when the body needs to eliminate bacteria.

This article was very useful in pertaining to the understanding of microbiology in the community around us today. Everyone around campus is getting a cold or flu and blaming it on weather changes, food, etc. However, the microbiological aspect of it is that bacteria prokaryotes are being spread and it is important to spread awareness of how drug specificity is important so bacteria does not develop a tolerance or any adaptations for when you are really in trouble and your body needs the antibiotics to do the full job.

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