Monday, January 30, 2017

A Genetic Fix to Put the Taste Back in Tomatoes

Dr. Harry J. Klee and his colleagues from University of Florida, explain how the delicious taste of tomatoes has been drained over the decades. Your average tomatoes found at the supermarket contain a bland taste, sugar and chemicals. Over the course of years, they sequenced the full genome of 400 tomatoes heirloom, wild and modern. After analyzing they were able to identify 26 genes providing flavorful volatiles. Dr. Klee produced these tomatoes and held a taste panel of different groups. Between men and women, between young and old, between foodies and nonfoodies.  From the results he walked alway bothered, we have trained the young generations to pick the supermarket tomatoes than a good old flavorful tomato. For those who did enjoyed the tasty tomatoes or who is interested may for a small donation of $10 receive a packet of seeds of this new best-tasting heirloom and modern variety.

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  1. Since I live in South Jersey, I am a little skeptical of this genetic fix for tomatoes. My mom grows tomatoes in our backyard and they are full of flavor! And when we need some extra varieties for her sauce, we go to a local farmer stands to pick the best tomatoes. However, most people do not live in South Jersey, so I do believe this is an awesome discovery in the scientific world.