Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Why take supplements?

      In taking supplements, there is a lack of evidence that is either for or against the ability of multivitamins in preventing chronic diseases. The American Cancer Society, American Heart Association and the United States Primitive Service Task Force with others, found that there is no role for one-a-day supplements to prevent cancer or heart disease. There recommendation to prevent diseases as such is a well balanced diet.

      The studies were conducted one other supplements. The study of Calcium was prevent o raise the risk of a heart attack by 30%. In Vitamin B12, it is mainly from animal protein foods is the main source. The cholesterol is mainly taking from Fish Oil, but during the consumption of it, it raises the risk of prostate cancer. When taking Magnesium, constipation and diarrhea is present when taking the supplement but it helps with muscle cramps.
     The most recent study is being conducted on Vitamin E and Selenium. Vitamin E is showing that it lowers the risk of prostate cancer, but can develop more cancer risks then the placebos. Selenium is proven to develop diabetes.
    This article is very much eye opening, what else do we think that we are taking but in reality is completing that could be doing more damage then actually helping.


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