Thursday, October 20, 2016

Cases of Sexually Transmitted Diseases are on Rise

From recent studies, research has been shown that S.T.Ds, sexually transmitted diseases, are raising at unusually high rates.  Chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis have all had a major increase.  This spike has been shown throughout many western states.  All three of these diseases can be treated with antibiotics, but gonorrhea is becoming more resistant to some of the medicine used for treatment. This could be a major problem within the future if more research is not performed and new antibiotics are not found.
Syphilis has increased in both men and women throughout every area of the United States.  There has been a rise of 6% in congenital syphilis, or babies contracting the diseases from affected mothers. Children born with S.T.D.s are more likely to die within infancy and some are stillborn.  The reason for this spike points to budget cuts that were being made to programs that provide testing and antibiotics to infected individuals.  Without enough money, these programs cannot give the patients the necessary help that they need.  Another reason for this boom of S.T.D.s is that more young people are using social media to connect with people.  Dr. Mermin, director of National Center for H.I.V./AIDS, suggests that Tinder is one of the main problems contributing to this spike in diseases. S.T.D.s are a large problem within the United States and budget cuts to programs that help individuals is hurting the entire country.  People who do not receive treatment or are unknown that they have the disease, can possibly pass it on to multiple people and the cycle continues.  More genetic studies need to be performed on sexually transmitted diseases to better understand them and to completely stop the repeating cycle.  

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