Wednesday, May 4, 2016

China 'clone factory' scientist eyes human replication

In china there is an industry called Boyalife Group that has the capability to clone humans but has held off to do so because of public reaction. In time they suggest people will be more open to the possibility of cloning, so people will soon in the future have choices of their own reproduction. A possibility they proposed is that you can have three choices, 50-50 between mom and dad or 100 percent mom or dad. There is a controversy whether cloned beef is safe for human consumption and Europe has placed a ban on animal cloning and products in the food chain. Chief executive Xu Xiachun states that he wants to reassure to the public that cloning is not a crazy idea and scientists are not weird people doing crazy experiments behind closed doors. Currently they are working on cloning a woolly mammoth back from extinction form preservatives from thousands of years ago. 

This article amazing me of how much human life has progressed. This idea of cloning humans and animals back from the dead raises many ethical issues. Who knows what may the animal be like in the new environment. With cloned beef of animals and our consumption scares me to think this hasnt been already done without our knowledge. Many food we eat now are chemically processed so what is genetic cloning any different and what can this do to our own bodies. It is remarkable how much technology is advancing and the possibilities of the future is unimaginable to think we can clone our own bodies or other beings. Maybe through cloning we could find out more about how our body works in a deeper level. 

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