Friday, April 15, 2016

Why you should be eating your fruits and vegetables

Does your diet consist of a lot of fruits and vegetables? Or do you take a multivitamin every morning to make up for the nutrition you don’t get from eating?  A study was recently done on how genetic and dietary factors influence the progression of nuclearcataracts.  Cataracts cloud the vision of the eye, making it difficult to see things clearly.  Over a ten-year period, approximately 1000 sets of twins were studied for this particular experiment.  The researchers concluded that vitamin c from the diet was protective against nuclear cataracts at baseline as well as the progression of nuclear cataracts.  Those who used vitamin c supplements instead of primarily getting it from their diet were only protective against cataracts at baseline only.  The study also suggest that heredity is only 35% accountable, whereas your diet is 65% responsible.

According to this study, it shows that dietary vitamin C is drastically more beneficial than taking supplements.  Not enough studies have been done on the ways that micronutrients and vitamins effect the progression of cataracts.  This leads me to believe that there are other contributing factors in determining what protects your eyes from acquiring cataracts.


  1. This article is very informative, stating Vitamin C in different forms depends on the effectiveness. The supplement does not have as much effect compared to the diet form which helps on two levels. I did not know the two different forms would vary as much as the truly do. Having the diet form help protect against cataracts while the supplement is only one is a huge impact. Another factor also is heredity even though it does not have much accountability compared to a personal accountability. So overall I will change my diet habits due to already having very bad eyes.

  2. I have noticed that my vision is getting worse due to staring at my phone all day. I know I need to change my habits in that aspect, but it is very interesting to know that if I consume a lot of vitamin C naturally, it can help me protect my eyes more and prevent cataracts.