Wednesday, April 13, 2016

My Genes Are Designer!

                  Ever dreamed of having a one of a kind design? There's a company who is making blankets, scarves, and posters based off of your unique genetic code. Everyone's DNA is identical except for 0.1% of it. Dot One takes a cheek swab you send in and analyzes it at a lab. They assign a color to a number in your unique genetic sequence, Short Tandem Repeat, and using this combination of colors, they create a pattern.
                  You can get this pattern presented on a poster, blanket, or poster and it is absolutely the only one in the world. The products are a little pricey, starting at $200 and going up to about $600. Despite that price tag, the products are in popular demand!
                   I personally don't think I would invest in a "Betsy original." I would much rather put that money towards getting my DNA analyzed by National Geographic or 23andme to see my ancestry! Now someone can shop and get their science news thanks to Discover Magazine!

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  1. What struck out to me when i read this article was the "heirloom" property a gift like this could possess. I have table cloths and dresses made my by great grandmother, but no medical documents. I feel like having a tangible tapestry of family dna to pass down could be helpful in keeping record of certain mutations that may have been present in your family.