Friday, April 8, 2016

Microcephaly Cases Over Estimated...

Since October of last year, 4,783 cases of babies born with microcephaly have been reported by national hospitals in Brazil. Hospital numbers reporting cases of babies with microcephaly have increased ever since the Zika epidemic became known. In fact, before anyone had even heard about the virus, only 150 cases of babies with microcephaly were reported annually. Due to the impacting increase, Brazil’s government is now considering the guidelines they gave doctors, hospitals and health officials to report these type of cases. They intend to reduce the amount of false alarms and misdiagnosed cases. At this time, many cases remain under investigation to further deduce how many microcephaly cases were not really microcephaly victims.

Out of all of the reported cases and the ones that have been examined, only 404 have been official microcephaly suffering babies. However, of these only 17 of the tested positive for the Zika virus. In fact, 709 babies have been determined to not have microcephaly at all misguiding the epidemic numbers and increasing the alarm of society. Though the Zika virus is a very serious virus that can affect many newborn babies, it is important to make sure that health care officials or hospitals are really certain that a child has microcephaly before it is reported as another case. 

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