Monday, April 18, 2016

Not Magic, CADM2 is Why You Lost Your Virginity

Just today, Nature Genetics posted a "HUUUUGGEE" article as bernie would say with "25,000 participants, aged 40 to 69, from the UK Biobank, a national project that collected the DNA and personal information of half a million people in the UK from 2006 to 2010."

What did they find?  38 genetics variants that aren't magical at all, but are inherited and play a role into when people have sex for the first time. Contrary to previous belief, not all of them are linked with puberty.

Genes, such as CADM2, a risk taking gene has been found as a determinant factor in timing of one's first event so to speak. These genes is correlated with the age when Women had their first child as well as amount of children they had over their lifetime.
Environmental influences are not discredited by any means, as this study does acknowledge their role.

I found this interesting, because the argue of who we are because of nature vs nurture is not one which I believed to be applicable in the case of losing one's virginity. 
There are many cultural expectations with reproductions, which may be derived from genetics. This is a fascinating preliminary genetic analysis of a behavior that has taken place from the beginning of time.

This study will definitely advance a new viewpoint of science research, supplying answers in the form of genes for common practices that may be viewed as 

Perhaps now, genetics of rituals or other practiced mannerisms may be viewed analytically for genetic causation? Or does the persist of cultural behaviors weed out genes that don't possess similar genes deemed "right" by the society? 

Nature vs. Nurture, man..... 

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