Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Long lost family connected by genetics

The bird Pygmy Bushtit is the size of your thumb, and was said to have a genus all to itself. It's habitat is in western region of Indonesia. Other long tailed tits and bushtits are temperate birds, meaning other birds would live in areas where the weather is not extremely hot or rainy or cold. Since the Pygmy Bushtit is isloated away, scientist assumed to be the only bird in the Psaltria genus. Yet, a zoologist at the Swedish Museum of Natural History has found that the bird is not genetically isolated. The bird has found a family, and is closely related to the black-thraoted bushtit; this bird habitat is throughout the Himalayas. The zoologist has also found genetic clues that the two species were separated almost 2 million years ago. Since the Pygmy Bushtit use to be in its own genus, Psaltria, and return to the Aegithalos genus. This is incredible that scientist can connect two species of animals from two parts of the world and connect them.

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