Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Is Your Caffeine Addiction Link to Your Genes?

A study done a few years ago was found that whether you're a caffeine junkie or not is determined by your genes.
There are two genes that are found that are associated with the amount of caffeine people will consume which are both associated with the break down of caffeine in the liver.
One of the findings from this research suggests that a main reason why some people may drink more caffeine is because they are able to tolerate more than others. But the study also shows that there is no link between the consumption and genes associated with brain activity.
Although both the liver and the brain can influence the caffeine intake, the lover determines it more.
If you're liver is more likely to break down caffeine faster, than the more you're likely to drink in a day.
More than 90% of US adults consume caffeine each day and it shows insight of how caffeine influences you in both good and bad ways. For example, in moderation, caffeine can help counter cognitive decline but having too much of an in take can actually impair cognition, and mess up sleep patterns as well as maybe even causing hallucinations.
Even more research shows that the amount someone drinks is actually hereditary. Researchers identified two genes that are associated with caffeine intake: CYP1A2 and AHR. Everyone has these genes but it becomes more active when caffeine consumed. In people who have the most active genes show that they consume approximately 40 milligrams more than people with less active genes.
I think this is a really awesome finding because it now could explain why I drink as much caffeine as I do and I know I have a lot of friends who consume a large amount of caffeine each day so it's predominate in their genes as well. 

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