Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Genetic connection between breast cancer & children


In a study scientist have found a connection between two gene variants that can cause breast cancer in a female if they have gone through a course of radiotherapy as a treatment for their cancer in childhood. After study they have found both chromosome and the position on those chromosomes. Chromosome 1 position q41; and chromosome 11 position q23. They have distinguished that these are the risk alleles because referring to the survivors of childhood cancer that did not receive radiotherapy; their alleles seem to not have an effect. Only times those alleles were affected is when radiotherapy was received as a child. More research has to be done to find other risk, but with the research better and safer methods to treat cancer may come out of it.

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  1. I really liked reading these article. Breast Cancer is something that has been expressed throughout many generations of women in my family. It was interesting to find ut the only time the alleles are affected are with radiotherapy as a child.