Monday, April 4, 2016

Do Any Genes of Indigenous Americans Remain in the Gene Pool?  

    The University of Adelaide Recently conducted a study of ancient DNA from early American people. The researchers collected DNA of 92 mummies and skeleton between 500 and 8,600 years old. Due to the subjects being so old and most of the body decomposed; it is easiest for analyzers to take DNA samples to be taken form teeth and bone. Using this DNA the researchers compared it to samples of modern day indigenous Americans. The study revealed an absence of pre-colombian genetic lineages in modern in modern indigenous Americans. This data shows an extinction of the lineages upon spanish arrival to America. 
     The genetic analysis confirms that the first American entered around 16,000 years ago through the pacific coast. The main reason the genetic lineage of these people are no longer seen in modern day Americans are, because when they migrated over they stayed in isolated areas in very small groups. therefore the genetic variation of these groups was not very large. once the Spaniards came over the groups that were not killed most likely died off due to disease they could not fight with such little genetic variation. To further confirm there are no ancient American genes left in today gene pool the researchers will have to increase the genetic data of todays humans. 

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