Thursday, March 31, 2016

Junk RNA put to good use


In the article written by Catharine Paddock describes what is commonly known as “junk” RNA has been found to be of a greater use such as controlling many biological processes during development and progression of cancer. A tumor, associated proliferation including RNA (TAPIR) has a greater chance of stopping the growth of cancer cell growth. A study constructed by Friedemann Horn, a professor at the University of Leipzig and, Manfred Wirth, a professor at the University of Dresden, bettering a test for prostate cancer by using non-coding RNA.

The current method of testing for prostate cancer measures the prostate specific antigen and prostate cancer gene 3 but it is noted in the article, these signs are easily missed or not accurate. The test using non-coding RNA offers better sensitivity (ruling out diseases upon negative result) and specificity (accurately diagnosing when results are positive). From biopsies done of tissue samples from 64 cancer patients showed 2,000 sequences were significantly different in cancer patients than healthy control. The new urine test will be improved to test for a combination of biomarkers.

An accurate diagnosis and detection is needed for men due to the how prevalent this cancer is. Stated in the article 1 out of 7 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer and estimated by The American Cancer Society about 180,890 men will be diagnosed in 2016 and about 26,120 will die due to prostate cancer. This should not be taken lightly because this is one of the cancers that can be genetically traced and men can prepare themselves for with the right tests. In my opinion, all men should do a routine check up and get tested genetically to verify if they will be affected by this or not.

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