Monday, December 14, 2015

Sexual Fidelity Found to be Linked to DNA in Voles

Genetic differences between voles of the same species can influence their mating according to researchers at the University of Texas, Austin. Some voles prefer to stay with a single mate and are therefore guaranteed to be the father of the offspring. Others, however, prefer to mate with many females and try to get as many offspring as possible. The researchers concluded that these traits are both equally efficient and there is room in the population for both type of voles with no one type being favored over the other. 

This new research is very interesting because it links DNA to social behaviors. We currently know that DNA codes for looks and other aesthetic traits, but things like personality were hazy. This study directly links genetic differences to mating habits and can prove to be very useful in further studies on this topic. 
A Vole

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  1. It is very interesting to know that social behaviors are directly linked to DNA. This discovery can definitely benefit further research on behavioral issues.