Monday, December 14, 2015

A Cure for Rosacea?
Though no cure exists for Rosacea, according to Dr. Richard Odom, of the National Rosacea Society, there are triggers that make the condition worse or otherwise activate this skin disease. The triggers include: (1) sun, (2) stress, (3) extreme heat and cold, (4) alcohol, (5) cold and hot drinks, (6) exercise, (7) cosmetics, and (8) skin care products. In discussing these triggers, two categories are put forward. The first category being environmental factors and the second being genetic factors.

In regards to environmental factors or triggers, the list includes sun exposure, smoking and alcohol. When consumed by someone afflicted with this disease, the dormant or inactive Rosacea is triggered. Consequently, Dr. Odom suggests that avoiding exposure to these items would cause the Rosacea to lye inactive. However, one cannot avoid their personal genetic code. Accordingly when one of the genetic triggers is activated, one is helpless. Further evidence of this helplessness is that though such things as sunscreen, moisturizer and sulfa-based cleansers may reduce flare-ups, for suffering with Rosacea, their skin is to sensitive for these common remedies. Such individuals are left with expensive laser treatments as an option or topical creams, gels or antibiotics.

Of note, both money and health insurance would seem to necessities to combat Rosacea. Absent insurance, individuals who suffer as a result of their genetics are left without remedy. And, without remedy, will only perpetuate condition generation far generate.

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  1. As someone who wants to go into the dermatology field, I think it is important to continue looking for more effective treatments and a cure for Rosacea. It is crazy that our genes can give us these conditions that even with modern medicine we cannot cure.