Sunday, November 1, 2015

Meat causing cancer?

     Experts in the World Health Organization have states that processed meat like hot dogs, ham, and bacon increase the risk of colon cancer as well as other red meats. However they did not specify how much is okay to consume. Others explained that the increased risk of cancer is relatively small compared to other factors such as alcohol, asbestos, and tobacco smoke. Dr. John Loannidis, the chairman of disease prevention at Stanford University, stated in the article that the risk that is associated with smoking and drinking are much higher than the association of red meat that risks people for cancer. “Smoking causes a roughly 20-fold increase in a person’s risk of developing lung and other types of cancer, and every year it results in about a million deaths worldwide” (O’Connor, 7). For every serving of processed meat consumers about 1.1 or 1.2 of factor increases, expect the amount of deaths that should occur according to the increasing fact is far more than actual. It said that the type of cancer that can be developed  are colorectal, pancreatic and prostate.
    After reading this article I was actually surprised because I have always heard people say how healthy it is to eat meat because of the protein. If it increases the risk of cancers and especially prostate cancer, I wonder if it has anything to do with the genes males have. Based on the article, smoking and drinking is worse than eating meat, which I totally agreed. Smaller portions of red meat might be helping when considering the risk of cancers.


  1. I found this entry extremely interesting because I am a vegetarian. I try to explain to my mom reasons why I don't like certain meats and this article and research will help me further my case. People need to better understand their sources of protein that they consume. Being more conscious of where our food comes from helps us better take care of our bodies. Here is another article regarding this subject:

  2. I think it is about how much you consume, people should be worried about. There is always going to be someone to say what is the next food that could possibly cause cancer or other illnesses. Those of us who are red meat eaters just need to limit our portions or change the way it is prepared.