Saturday, November 7, 2015

Gene May Prompt Male-to-Male Attraction in Worms

       The article talks about the recent discovery of  a new mutated gene in the nematode known as Caenorhabditis elegans.  Most of the species are females capable of asexual reproduction as they can create their own sperm and males are a rare occurrence.  however, it has been observed that males are starting to shows signs of  mutated gene known as plep-1 that causes the sexual attraction of other males.  This due to excretory pores that form due to the mutation. This is bad for males for if they try to copulate, this causes the pore to get plugged which result in shorter lifespan.

        I was interested in this article because it talks about an animal and I have always been interested animals.  I find it very interesting this occurs because if the female population was unable to self fertilize, it would be extremely likely this mutation would cause this species to go extinct. 

Article is Here

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  1. Although upon first observation it appears that the mutation is only negative for the survival of nematodes, could there be benefits to chemical alteration as well as male-male attraction in worms?