Thursday, November 12, 2015

Gene May Help Burn Up Fat

Scientist have discovered a gene that could possibly help people shed pounds in exchange for a higher body temperature. Researchers are trying to find a drug that will make the gene work harder, so the body will burn off more calories than normal rather than storing the calories as fat. The more work the gene has to do, the higher the body temperature will go. Dr. Craig Warden, of the University of California at Davis, as lead researcher said it would take further testing and studying of how high of a body temperature a human could safely stand. Dr. Warden believes that the newfound gene gives rise to a protein that steals some of the energy that the cells in the body generate. If researchers can make this gene make more of this protein, the cells would burn up more calories to make of for the taken energy.
Researchers have already started studying different drugs to see which one works better with the gene as well as which one is safer for people to take.
This research is a step in the right direction and well as a step back. Yes, I do believe that some people are over weight because its in their genetics to be a bit heavier, so a treatment like this could really help them. But for others that are just obsessed with the thought of being skinny and losing weight, would this add to the weight loss obsession around the world? Would people opt out of exercising and losing weight the right way for taking some pills to chemically change how a gene works?

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