Thursday, October 29, 2015

Exercise Might Possibly Slow the Aging Process

Recent Studies by the University of Mississippi and the University of California suggest that exercising may slow the aging process. As a cell ages (divides), its telomeres naturally shorten and fray.  The process of aging can actually be sped up by health related issues like diabetes, smoking, and obesity.  The more one does not take care of himself/herself, the faster he/she will age.  Smoking, for example, can cause premature aging (this is due to the shortening of telomeres!).  

Studies by the University of California and the University of Mississippi suggest that exercise frequency is linked to telomere length.  In the studies, men and women of different ages were asked questions pertaining to the frequency of excersice they added to their daily routines as well as blood samples taken to measure telomere length.  In individuals who did not partake in exercise regularly or rarely exercised, telomere length was shorter than those individuals that exercised regularly.

This is very interesting because exercise is a key part of any person's life in order to keep a healthy body and mind.  This study is basically suggesting that exercise will keep one healthier longer, but will also slow the process of aging.  For those worried about wrinkles, make sure you exercise!  

To read the article written on this study by the New York Times click hereTo read more click here, and here

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  1. This article gives a good reason to want to exercise. Except for some of us... we are just naturally born with youthful skin and working out will just enhance our natural beauty.