Thursday, April 11, 2013

Gene Therapy Fixes Blindness

Researchers and Doctors have found a way to help restore photo receptors in the eye to help patients who have rapid deteriorating vision. This procedure does not work with those who are already fully blind because some healthy photo receptors in the eye are needed. A virus called RPE65 is injected into the eye. In this virus are multiple key DNA that is needed for sight. When the photo receptors absorb the virus the absorb the important DNA needed for vision. This procedure works best in children because their receptors arent as damaged as an adults would be. All patients have reported better vision after the procedure.  On average their vision increases for about 8 weeks but some cases have exceeded that limit.

Short video on gene therapy

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  1. This is awesome; I think any prolonged time you can get with your vision especially in children is a wonderful thing if not a blessing. I'm glad that there have been findings to help with this condition; I hope they are still researching to one day find a permanent cure.