Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eat your heart out

Researches are looking into a study that was done in Australia in 1966 to 1973. One group of men with heart disease increased the amount of omega-6-rich polyunsaturated fat intake to 15 percent of calories, while reducing the saturated fat intake to less than 10 percent. Another group of men with heart disease continued with their normal diets. The men with the omega-6-rich polyunsaturated fat diet reduced their cholesterol by 13 percent by were more likely to die. This was surprising to me and the researchers.

Polyunsaturated oils, while decreasing cholesterol, may simultaneously promote inflammation throughout the body, says Philip C. Calder, a professor of nutritional immunology at the University of Southampton, in England, who wrote an editorial accompanying the new analysis. This inflammation may initiate heart disease and “outweigh any possible good effect” of the oils.

Researchers say we have not fully understood how cholesterol affects heart disease but they will jump to conclusions to suggest to substitute  animal fat to  omega-6-rich polyunsaturated fat. This also does show that genetic has a lot to do with it too.


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