Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dragonflies are more predacious than they look


After reading this article, I thought what does it have to do with genetics, then I thought, well over time these creatures have genetically developed into hunting professionals. Something must genetically be involved in order for dragonflies to be as quick and predacious as they are. In the article it talks about how their brain is much smaller than humans, obviously, with less than a million neurons working like a human brain of 100 billion neurons. The article tells the reader that dainty dragonfly kills 95% of its prey midair, as compared to a lion only catching 25% of pursued prey. I made a mental link and asked myself the question "genetically what does the dragonfly contain as compared to a beetle, and what is so different about it's behavior?"







  1. This is a very interesting article. I was unaware that dragonflies hunt. I really like the comparison between the the dragonfly and the lion. I think of a lion as being a fierce hunter and in reality, the dragonfly is much more accurate and efficient. I also like how you were unsure how the article related to genetics, but thought in dept about how it could be and mentioned it in your commentary. Great topic!

  2. It amazes me that dragonflies are better predators than lions. I had no idea how smart these tiny animals could be but this proves that with evolution these insects are able to change genetically to be better hunters. Great article!