Thursday, April 11, 2013

After reasearch multipule stop points in genes are more important

A Portugese team discovered a genetic chanfge, a fruit fly without an abdomen.   The article talks about findings on the importance of the stop points. There have been many ideas of their meaning but the findings show the greater importance and understanding. The results showed that the uses of both stop points are lethal and it allows more effective regulation.  At first it was believed that multiple stop signals ensure definite stop. The recent studies show  the signals show there is a correlation between particular full stop and cancer.  Researchers used a polo gene with two polyadenylation signals.  The polo gene plays a role in cell division and is associated with cancer.  The research team also found that polo is the founder of a protein kinases family.  All of this infromation is important too because it explains the dynamics of producing different RNAs within an organism.  There will be further research to help target developments for gene therapy in the future.  So far the study has only looked at the multiple polyadenylation signals in cells.  So there can be a future study done on an analysis on the effect of the whole organism.  The second article I attached is another interesting study done on fruit flies. 

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