Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Missing Link

Genes are responsible for a myriad of processes in the human body; even more so now in the relationship between contracting heart disease and having a brain aneurysm. Researchers at Yale University's School of Medicine have found a gene that links the two deadly incidents together. Out of the 20,000 people surveyed, three variants of DNA were found to the link. Researchers stated that one of the variants was arbitrarily close to the endothelin receptor type A gene which involves the elastic properties of vessel tissues, as seen in many cardiovascular disorders and vessel spasms due to bleeding from brain aneurysms. Although unclear just yet, it is suggested that the link between cardiovascular disease and aneurysms has a lot to do with a vessel's inability to repair itself from rupture or hemmorhage; thus, causing an aneurysm to possibly occur. However, researchers at Yale University's School of Medicine look forward to conducting more research and developing different therapies to decrease a patient's risk.

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