Sunday, November 27, 2011

Genetically Modifying Plants to Solve World Hunger

According to  Professor Bones from the Research Council of Norway, rapid research about genetically modified plants needs to become a major concern of  the science community. Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are most commonly and currently used in crop plants to give plants the traits to resist insects and chemical weed killers, such as herbicides. This article describes how Professor Bones wants to take GMOs even further and look into the future of plants that feed the growing population and how global warming is going to effect crops. The majority of the population only depends on a few select crops for food production. Wheat, corn and rice account for a majority of those select crops, although Professor Bones predicts that if conditions affecting these plants made it hard for these plants to flourish then GMOs could be the answer. By genetically modifying a plant to thrive in severe weather conditions it could prevent severe consequences of world hunger caused by global warming. Here is another article by National Geographic that also expresses the same concerns that GMOs could help solve.

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