Sunday, November 27, 2011

An Apple a Day Keeps Bad Genes At Bay

For years, the belief that mutated genes passed on from generation to generation could not be corrected.  Researchers at McMaster and McGill universities are now questioning this theory. 9p21 is a gene that greatly influences many cardiovascular diseases. Scientists Michael G. DeGroote, Dr. Ron Do and collaborating colleagues found that a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables significantly decreases the effects of a "faulty" 9p21 gene. The study was performed on 27,000 individuals which included European, South Asian, Chinese, Latin American and Arab ethnic groups. Their research suggests that a "five a day" diet is a significant way to improve your overall health and longevity. More importantly, however, their research shows that individuals with a high risk genotype for cardiovascular disease can significantly be lowered with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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  1. Makes sense that you can correct a faulty enzyme or protein through outside sources other then then your DNA. i would exactly say that it is corrected but it looks like the problem can be lessened