Thursday, May 2, 2024

Is genetic testing accurate ?

     This article gives its readers insight into a public figure Olivia Munn’s cancer diagnosis. The article starts by stating that before her diagnosis she had gotten genetic testing done in order to rule out many illnesses. Upon further testing from her gynecologist it was discovered that although she had tested negative for getting markers that are commonly associated with breast cancer, she had luminal B. Although her diagnosis was devasting for those around her, her doctors were able to successfully treat her. The article also encourages women to ask their doctors to calculate their breast cancer risk assessment scores.

    I found this article both interesting and insightful. Despite extensive genetic testing women can still test positive for breast cancer. Unfortunately, not all women can access the same level of medical attention. However, this article highlights the importance of routine monitoring. Routine monitoring can lead to early detection as well as more successful treatments.

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