Thursday, April 18, 2024

Urine can help you detect cancer??

Researchers at the University of Michigan Health Rogel Cancer Center have introduced a groundbreaking urine-based test for identifying head and neck tumors. This innovative method offers a non-invasive alternative to traditional blood sampling, potentially transforming early cancer detection and patient outcomes.

Utilizing advanced whole genome sequencing, the team identified ultra-short DNA fragments in urine samples, typically fewer than 50 base pairs, released by tumor cells. These fragments, often overlooked by conventional tests, serve as crucial biomarkers for early cancer detection.

The test, still in its early stages, allows patients to collect urine samples at home and mail them to the laboratory for analysis. This approach enhances convenience and accessibility, potentially improving patient compliance with follow-up testing.

Researchers at Lab Manager say "Early detection is critical because detecting a cancer at an earlier stage can lead to better outcomes for patients."

Moreover, the test's implications extend beyond head and neck cancer, with potential applications in detecting other cancer types like breast cancer and acute myeloid leukemia.

This breakthrough offers hope for more effective and accessible cancer screening, bringing us closer to a future where early detection leads to better treatment outcomes and improved patient quality of life.



  1. This is such an interesting approach in order to detect early stages of cancer. I do wonder if testing for cancer when regularly having urine tests at the doctors will become routinely or if it would instead be something that the patient or doctor will have to ask to be done. But overall I do hope that other types of cancer can be found through urine tests so that it can be detected early on and treated.

  2. I have actually heard of urine testing being associated with cancer detection, except not in the sense that you discuss, nor not nearly as standardized or professional. I have heard of accounts in which men have peed on pregnancy tests as a joke, only to see it test positive...This is because some types of testicular cancer produce some of the same hormones that women produce when pregnant. A crazy concept to think about!

  3. I agree that this research is groundbreaking. An at-home urine test is easy, non-invasive, and accessible. It would be nice to see how this can expand into identifying various forms of cancer.