Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Robots and Mice team up! Bionic warrior mice? Think again!

The Jackson Laboratory and LG have announced a partnership geared towards researching diseases, primarily Alzheimer's disease and cancer. This is exciting news for multiple reasons. Both of these organizations are well known for their practices and technology; and they are combining their specialities in a way that could be revolutionary. A bridge to connects two schools of thought: Biology and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) is a non-profit biomedical research institute founded in 1929, located in Maine. When you think of the picture-esque scientist doing experiments with mice in a lab, JAX is to thank for that association. JAX introduced the mouse as their premiere animal research model and many institutes have accepted it as a model of their own for research, using informatics of the mouse genome provided by JAX's own discoveries. In short, JAX is the world expert of mouse biology and an important contributer to the biomedical and Genetic fields.

LG, as many of you know by logos seen on our household appliances, is in many ways a technology company. Originating in Korea, they have dipped their toes in many economies of the world mainly through their electronic products (and of course like all successful companies, have hidden limbs completely submerged in this metaphorical economical reservoir.) Well what they are bringing to table now is an their own AI engines designed for developing new drugs and medical materials. This AI is called EXAONE Discovery.

Together JAX will share its knowledge of mice Genetics and human variants to EXAONE and see what insights will emerge. They are predicting this will aid in personalized cancer treatments based on a person's Genetics and biological variables. It would be a blessing if this could catapult our understanding of cancer and Alzheimer's, two disease process many have been affected by and are still shrouded in mystery.

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