Friday, March 8, 2024

Reducing racial disparity

 This article discusses racial disparity within genetic research, Dr.Joshua Denny expresses his excitement for being able to make discoveries that are relevant to larger numbers of people. The text goes into detail explaining that before the start of this project, most of the data collected was based on people who identify as white. Not taking into account how certain drugs or medical treatments would affect people. The article also analyzes some of the controversies that come with considering race when it comes to genetic testing. Despite all of this the project led to researchers being able to collect vast amounts of data as well as map out complete genetic sequences for about 245,000 people. 

    I think that the data that was collected as a result of this project can be very useful for other research, however as stated in the article disparities among different ethnicities are limited. I also like this article because it was able to list both the pros and cons that come from this kind of research.   


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