Saturday, February 10, 2024

Will GMOs Hurt My Body?

 The article explores the safety of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food, addressing concerns about their potential impact on human health. It discusses research findings from numerous studies, primarily conducted on rats and mice, which suggest that GMOs do not pose significant risks to consumers. These studies have examined various aspects, including organ toxicity, reproductive health, and genetic mutations, and have consistently found no adverse effects associated with GMO consumption. Despite the reassurances from scientific research and endorsements from health organizations, such as the American Medical Association and the World Health Organization, there are lingering concerns and skepticism among some individuals regarding the credibility of the studies and the long-term implications of GMO consumption. The article highlights the ongoing debate surrounding GMOs and emphasizes the importance of transparent and thorough research to address public concerns and ensure food safety. 

    Reading this article was rather surprising to me, as I had always thought that GMOs weren't good at all, and could lead to cancer for even death. While this article says that some of the sources that haven't found GMOs to be harmful ,may not be completely credible, I think that if so many sources are saying the same thing, I wouldn't be surprised if there is some form of truth present, even if its in a small amount. I do agree that foods manufactures should be more transparent so that consumers can know exactly what they're putting in their bodies. 





  1. This topic is very hot in the aspects of our nutritional standards. I completely agree, food manufacturers need to be transparent about how their food is grown and or processed. Many sources may not have credibility, but it is still a topic people put a lot of research into genetics-wise. Our food supply is dominated by genetics, between our vegetables and our meet, all these products and their byproduct are used somehow and in someway.

  2. This is so interesting to hear! I have always heard that food containing GMOs shouldn't be consumed and that they are bad for your health, so it is surprising to hear that they have no affect at all. I am wondering if this misinformation was put out so they can raise the price of non GMO foods. I am also curious if more people will hear about this study and if more research will be done on this topic.