Saturday, February 24, 2024

Poor Sleep Plus Genes Might Raise Some Folks' Asthma Risk

The article elaborated on the study, which emphasized the increasing chances of being diagnosed with the respiratory condition due to poor sleep quality and genetic inheritance linked to asthma. According to the report from the participants in the U.K., having a healthy sleep routine can lower the risk of being diagnosed with a respiratory condition. Sleep disorders, such as unfavorable sleep duration and insomnia, are associated with chronic inflammation, which can generate pro-inflammatory cytokines that result in cellular infiltration and airway inflammation, which may increase the risk of having asthma. Researchers studied how detecting and treating sleep disorders early on might lessen the risks, regardless of genetic predisposition

Cureus | The Relationship Between Sleep Quality and Quality of Life Among  Patients With Asthma | Article

I thought that the article was on point in elaborating on the main study about the connection between sleeping habits and genetic inheritance and the risk of asthma. The survey that researchers used showed its credibility, especially when it explained how many people were diagnosed with respiratory conditions, and the results helped to determine the patterns that can be improved to help others prevent having higher risks for asthma. 


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  1. Based on the summary of the discoveries, would that mean that someone who suddenly starts to develop insomnia, or some other problem with sleep, develop a respiratory issue sometime in the future?