Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Through ADDL Will Help Dog Breeders Eliminate Specific Diseases

The article is called New Genetics Testing Available through ADDL will help dog breeders eliminate specific diseases. Researchers in the university of Purdue of veterinary Medicine were said to have a power to eradicate specific genetic diseases within certain dog breeds. Some test were acquire by the Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory as the first test three new canine diseases, the screening helps scientist screen which tells the breeders which dogs are the carrier for a disease. I do agree in that to solve a genetic disease you must identify the mutation and to do so I know that the genome sequence on an affecting dog's DNA you must compare it against the whole genome sequence in the database which could vary depending on the species. In this article Dr. Ekenstedt's  conducted the research on the glycogen storage disease in a Basset Hound, which the disease impacted the body of the dog to store glucose in the liver and muscles which later breaks it down to create energy. In the article they talk about two diseases the first one that they talk about is in miniature American Shepheard's, the second one that Intrigued me was the genetic code that researchers are trying to crack down of the disease which effects up to a third of golden retrievers. I believe that diseases are hard to discovered and most importantly researching to try to figure out what causes the disease.  many animals have been affected by diseases but it's sad to hear that your home pet may have a disease and that's sad to hear from a doctor that you may lose your pet. what Dr. Ekenstedt believe is that the uveitis is the painful of inflammatory that sometimes in dogs end up with their eyes enucleated. My advice is the best thing for your pet is to get a genetic testing to see if your dog is healthy and to be sure that they don't have any diseases.

I know doing the article they talk about the golden retrievers they tend to have a skin allergies in which these dogs like to lick themselves and scratch themselves this could lead to hot spots which are red oozing sores. 


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  1. I'm really curious how they plan to treat genetic conditions in a lot of dog breeds given how inbred many are at this stage of their evolution. As a former vet tech, I have seen countless golden retrievers that are highly sensitive to not only allergies but also chronic yeast infections, I'm curious as to whether these conditions are related or if they're independent of one-another.

  2. This study is very good because it can help canine health and many dogs in the process. Just like Justin has said, I too am also interested to see their plan to treat many of breeds, especially ones who are inbred. But I hope through this research, many people can be informed that it is bad to breed dogs ignorantly as these breeding's can cause dogs with heritable genetic mutations to pass on. The more informed every dog breeder is, the better the chances are of eliminating diseases from many dogs breeds.

  3. It is great that some diseases are being found before starting to show symptoms. I wonder how much the tests would cost and if it is financially reasonable for a dog owner to get one done. It might be harder for owners or breeders who have multiple dogs, as the price might not be worth it. If a breeder decides to have a test done, would it also increase the price of the dog on the consumers side?