Friday, November 17, 2023

Why is shark DNA so fascinating?


Marine scientists all over the world are using new, innovative technology to better understand sharks genetic information that can help us better understand their biology, movement, and evolution. DNA in sharks is rapidly being observed to also show migrating patterns, unique adaptations, and even susceptibility to certain diseases within a species. Marine geneticists have found that the shortfin mako has a genome almost 1.6 times bigger than our own. Other species, such as the great white have also shown a very stable genome, explaining that very little genetic mutations occur. Having a more stable genome leads to being less susceptible to diseases caused by mutations such as cancer. Sharks genomes are also being observed because of their incredible wound-healing ability. Although we have similar genome, our ability to heal isn’t quite as fast, or efficient. Through more studies, we can utilize this information to truly understand them and protect them.

    Sharks have always been so incredibly fascinating to me. Their species, adaptations, movement patterns, etc. Because of external stressors increasing, such as global warming and overfishing, it is so important we study them to learn how we can conserve and understand what makes them up. Diving into their genome could help innovate the idea of genetics itself, and how we could possibly implement that development into human research as well.

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  1. I think sharks in general are very interesting, but knowing how they can create mutations to help them be less susceptible to disease is so cool. Also sharks being able to have a faster healing time on their wounds is very interesting and I would like to know more about why they are like that.