Thursday, November 23, 2023

Reversing Hearing Loss

                                                         Reversing Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a very common defect to many people no matter the age. There are many people who have been born with a hearing defect and have only used hearing aids and implants, those only work so well. Scientists have believed to find a way to improve your hearing through the genes we have. 

A recent study that they had, they saw there was ​​a gene associated with early onset deafness reversed hearing loss in mice and they hope they can eventually use this information to apply it to humans with hearing loss. They believe that this can one day lead to a solution to people with hearing issues due to genetic issues. 

To study how genetic hearing loss occurs, Steel and the other members of her team mutated spinster homolog 2 Spns2, a gene associated with early onset hearing loss and subsequent deficiency in endocochlear potential (EP). What that does is it basically works as a batter for the inner ear.

In my opinion this is a very beneficial study that they are doing regarding genetics. Many people suffer from hearing loss and so do their parents, which can lead to be a genetic hearing defect. That can help many of those people as well as people born with hearing defects that are due to genetic mutation, or lack of a gene.


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