Sunday, November 19, 2023

Polydactyly in cats


    Polydactyly in cats is more commonly known as having a thumb, or extra toe on one of its paws, or both. This common anomaly in cats is due to genetics, as it can be a dominant trait. Although unusual, it is not rare at all, and is quite cute. Interesting enough, these cats with an extra appendage will have that dominant trait and will most likely pass that gene onto its offspring. In some cases, these extra toes will not be connected to an actual bone, so it’s recommended to be careful while clipping nails, and just make sure the cat isn’t having difficulty walking. 

    I used to have a cat who was polydactyl; he had two thumbs! These extra appendages were due to the fact his mom had the dominant trait for it, therefore it was passed down to him. This didn’t affect either cat whatsoever, and was something that made him unique. 

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