Friday, November 24, 2023

New oxygen, copper 'scissors' could make cheaper drug treatments possible

UCLA chemists have developed a groundbreaking method to significantly reduce the cost of producing anticancer and important drugs. Traditional methods using high-cost metals are replaced by a process called "aminodealkenylation," using oxygen and copper as catalysts. This method simplifies production, reducing the steps needed to create valuable chemicals. For instance, an anti-cancer drug was produced in three steps instead of the previous 12 or 13, dramatically lowering the cost from thousands of dollars to just a few dollars per gram. The researchers successfully applied the process to various chemicals used in medicine and agriculture, showcasing its potential for widespread use in drug manufacturing and other industries. Such an important discovery could benefit so many, making life-saving drugs cheaper and more accessible. Although, this discovery raises the question of whether or not the individual will see more affordable products, or if large pharmaceutical companies will reap the benefits for themselves.

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