Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Kids Can Be Genetically Predisposed to Poor Sleep

A study has shown that parents who have sleeping issues can be genetically transferred to their kids. Good sleep is essential for a child's development and growth, and it is easier on everyone if they have established good bedtime habits. After this study was released it was shown children who are predisposed to genetic sleeping issues such as insomnia, can experience sleep difficulties early on. These implications can cause a lifelong issue when it comes to sleep.
There have been many studies on adults revolving around sleeping issues like insomnia, but children were never looked into until recently. The first study of its kind published in the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry shows evidence that children are genetically susceptible to being "poor sleepers" due to their parents who also have a hard time sleeping due to underlying issues. Children who are predisposed to insomnia by their parents showed that they have had a harder time trying to sleep than children whose parents do not have any issues with sleep. It is equally essential to implement a good sleep pattern in your child's life and to be cautious about the predisposed issues if your child is susceptible to them.

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  1. I find this observation very interesting as I have never heard of this. I am curious to know how early on this can take place and if it carries later on throughout the child's life if good sleeping habits are not put in place.