Wednesday, November 15, 2023

DNA Evidence Helps Solve Decades Old Murder Case

     51 years after the murder of New York teenager Yvonne Leroux, her murderer has finally been caught thanks to the help of DNA evidence. For context, Leroux was last seen alive Nov. 29, 1972 in Toronto and her body was found the next morning. Until today no one knew who killed her. The police announced they were able to ID the killer using a new investigative tool, implemented DNA evidence from the scene. From this they Identified the killer as Bruce Cantelon from Toronto. Police described that dozens of investigators worked the case over the course of the years and had issued a $50,000 reward twice linked to the case, but no one provided. After the years passed it was investigative genetic genealogy (IGG) technology, which identifies relatives of the source from the DNA found at the scene, which then lead them to Cantelon. Even though they found the murderer responsible years later, it is revealed that Cantelon ended up taking is own life 19 months after Leroux's death. At the end, the investigators said that they did not find any connection between Cantelon and Leroux and that no murder weapon was ever found. 


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