Monday, November 20, 2023

Chameleon's Cloaking Technology Makes Multi-Dose Gene Therapy a Reality


Gene Therapy

    Gene therapy is a modality of treatment for particular diseases where a disease or condition can be treated by adding a copy of the "correct" or "fixed" gene. Gene therapies are extremely specific, and can aid in the treatment of malignancies and inherited conditions. At this specific biotech company, Chameleon Biosciences has developed a process for gene therapy known as EVADER. This gene therapy was developed using a backbone of a virus, which subsequently suppresses the immune system. Once this happens, the gene therapy is administered. The primary difference between this and other standard forms of gene therapy is that EVADER provides multi-dose therapy options, which opens up the therapy to more patients who may have otherwise not qualified for the treatment. By providing multiple doses, it can reduce the dose amount, and reduce the immunologic response. Typically one dose of the gene therapy is at the highest dose, which is not optimal for younger children and those who are immunocompromised. By allowing smaller doses at multiple times, gene therapy is opened up to this patient population. 

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