Monday, October 9, 2023

Genetics with Animals

Genetics with animals

Genetics are a big part of life. Humans has approximately 3 billion building blocks of  base pairs and we are about 99.9% genetically similar to the next person. So, scientists has thought to have an array on comparing animal genetics with human genetics. The article that I found focuses on a project called the Zoonomia project. This project focuses on how human traits such as human traits and diseases. The project has looked into 240 species of animals including bison and bats. the project is to show the genomes of each animal and see if they stay the same across all mammals from over millions of years ago. What do you think do we have similar genetics with non-human life forms? 

What I found fascinated about this article was the statistics on that studies was found that at least 10% of the human genome is unchanged across species.  I would say I would aligned the genetic sequence of each species and try to compare them because all species have different genetic sequence. the genetics sequence could at least show how each species are adapted to their natural environment. I believe that all species are different in genes because they are adapted to their different environment. 


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