Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Do Your Genes Make You A Better Athlete?

There has been a recent interest in athletes and whether or not their genes affect their performance. Access to this type of genetic information can help predict athletic abilities. Everyone has their own DNA structure which makes them unique. Even though repetition and practice can create muscle memory for your body, your genes can have an influence on what you are capable of compared to others. A somatotype is another term for 'body type' and there are three defined somatotypes. Ectomorph body type is an example of someone that has a very fast metabolism, but have trouble putting on muscle which results in low body fast. Endomorph body type is an example of someone who has a slow metabolism which allows them to put on body fast and muscle more quickly than others. Mesomorph body type is an example of someone who has a fast metabolism, and active muscle cells that promotes muscle growth. All three body types are different in their own ways, but an individual can have a mix of more than just one body type which also makes them unique. Most professional athletes or people who are involved with their health should know their body type in order to create a safe training plan with exercise, diet, etc. This way there can be effective results that are desired. To summarize, your genes do not limit your athletic abilities, however, knowing you body can help improve athletic performance and overall wellbeing.  

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