Monday, December 5, 2022

Enormous fern genome


"Strange Tree Fern Has a Surprisingly Enormous Genome", ferns reproduce similarly to mushrooms by releasing clouds of spore and split from seed baring plants millions of years ago. Fern genomes are very large and were just fully sequenced fairly recently. A large genome genome adds opportunities for advantageous mutations that buffer from undesirable ones. Researches found which genes build the ferns trunk-like stem and provided insight on how key traits evolved in stemmed plants. In addition, in the article, "Scientists Sequence Genome of Flying Spider-Monkey Tree Fern", it is discussed how knowing their genomes and how tree fern species are being overexploited in combination with climate change and threatens their survival. Not only did they just fully sequence their genome they used biochemical methods to measure the levels of lignin and secondary metabolites. 

Sequencing species genomes is important to linking other species and finding their relatedness. Not only does knowing their genomes allow for further research it allows us to determine hereditarily from the ancient plants. 


  1. This was a really cool article. I always find it so fascinating to how plants reproduce by spores. It's awesome they were able to sequence the genome.

  2. I found it interesting how the article discussed the theories about why the fern has such a large genome. I'm intrigued at the theory that ferns select for larger genomes because it increases the chances of beneficial mutations and because it buffers detrimental ones. Cool Stuff.