Monday, November 21, 2022

How Air Pollution affects us through time



 Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental issue that we face today and greatly impacting the futures of our lives. As we age, our immune systems gradually deteriorates and this case with air pollution, our lung's immune system is affected, and this allows particulate matter(from vehicles/power plants) from the air to get by and slowly buildup. A study from researchers at Columbia University analyzed lung immune tissue from donors of age ranging from 11 to 93 years old, and noticed that the older the lungs were the more build up they observed of the particulate matter. Even though the donors were nonsmokers or had no history of heavy smoking.

With how impactful something like fossil fuel is to out economy/society, the issue of Air pollution will be at a constant problem unless a solution comes up. Almost millions die from air pollution yearly and is something we will always be on the receiving end of the consequences. Such as how the longer we live, the more buildup of the particulate matter that are built up within our lungs which will eventually blacken due to the build up even if we never smoked in our lives. The buildup will affect the daily workflow of our lung's immune system and cause them to not work properly.


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