Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Role Genetics Plays on Our Health as we Age


A study done by researchers at Berkley compared the effect aging and genetics on certain cells. The first result that was discovered was that genetics have a smaller effect the older you get. An example of this study was seen in a set of twins, with the same genes, as age increased so did the difference in gene expression. This study looked at 948 people and focused on 27 different human tissues. These tissues were found to be the cause of different diseases. The results showed that the affect of aging differed very much between the 948 people and differed in which tissues were affected. The effect genetics had on these tissues didn't vary, genes didn't affect one tissue more than the other. 
The results indicated that as age genetics play less of a role in determining your health. In reading this study I couldn't help but to relate this to studies on genetically modifying humans. Those studies suggest the bring up the idea of the perfect human and get rid of diseases. But from reading this study it is clear that the perfect human is far from a reality. 

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