Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Is sexual orientation genetic?



In the article "The Science of Sexual Orientation", researchers have studied the idea that people with same sex attraction have a "gay gene". Recent studies have both confirmed and denied the concept that there is a gay gene instead there are multiple genes that relates to attraction to the same sex. On the other hand, same sex attraction is fluid and and a spectrum. Straight and LGBT people both have genes that could be associated with same sex sexual behavior. Sexuality is a spectrum and there is no one that is 100% straight; it is fluid. Some people can be into the same gender while others fall into more of the "straighter" side. There is no exact "gay gene" people are attracted to either the same gender or other genders based on their sexuality and emotions.



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  1. hmmmm this is a very interesting article that you found. This is something that I haven't really thought about, but it brings an intriguing concept. I wonder if the combination of these multiple gene varies from one person who identifies as straight and another person who identifies as other.
    Overall, this concept you brought up is scientific evidence that type of sexuality is something we are born with.